Poncho Altus Atmospheric Lime

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Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 18 × 10 × 10 cm



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The new 2023 year model Altus Atmospehric ponchos are finally available for the public in navy and lime colors and in 3 sizes!

Why is the Altus poncho much better than the others, and why is it so popular on the Camino de Santiago?

The Altus poncho is equipped with a long zip on the front protected by Velcro flap, which really facilitates to put the poncho on and off. Moreover, when you walk on a day where it rains, then stops, then rains, then stops again, between two rains you simply unzip the poncho and continue walking. The unzipped poncho also helps your body ventilate better.

The Altus atmospheric poncho has real sleeves, unlike other ponchos, and the sleeves have elasticized cuffs, so your arms stay completely dry. When it’s windy, it’s incredible hard to walk in other ponchos against the wind, because they work like Batman’s wings.

This product is long enough to cover your knees during the walking, so neither your knee nor your shin gets wet.

The Altus poncho has a large hump on the back that completely covers your backpack. The biggest size of the poncho easily covers a 50-60 liter backpack. If you don’t walk with your backpack or you are walking only with a small daypack, you can close the hump with 3 little buttons, so your poncho will transform into a long waterproof jacket.

The Altus poncho has a big hood, which will cover your hat also, and the hood equipped with a visor which will protect your face and eyes against the rain. The hood has an adjustable string around the edge of the hood to minimalize the contact between your face and the elements.

If you think about wearing rain pants and rain jacket, you’ll need a pack cover also, which you don’t need if you’re using this product.

The Altus Atmospheric S3 poncho comes with two covered holes on the chest, which helps your body breathing better.

Since 2023 the Altus factory manufactures the new Altus poncho in navy and lime color.

The size S Altus atmospheric poncho will fit you if:

– you are shorter than 170 cm (5 feet 7 inches), and
– your backpack is smaller than 40 L, and
– your weight is under 70 kg (154,3 lbs)

The size M-L Altus atmospheric poncho will fit you if:

– you are between 170 cm (5 feet 7 inches) and 185 cm (6 feet 1 inch) tall,
– the size of your backpack is between 40 and 50 Liters
– your weight is between 70 kg (154,3 lbs) and 90 kg (198,4 lbs)

The size XL-XXL Altus atmospheric poncho will fit you if:

– you are taller than 185 cm (6 feet 1 inches), and
– your backpack is bigger than 50 L, and
– your weight is over 90 kg (198,4 lbs)


Technical parameters:

– Material: Polyester ripstop 70D R/S PU
– Waterproof: 2.000 mm water column
– Available in three sizes: S, M-L , XL-XXL
– Seam sealed
– Front zipper protected by Velcro flap
– Drawstring at hood
– Close cuffs with elastic and Velcro
– Shaped hood with a visor
– Convertible rear structure for use with or without a backpack
– Carrying case
– Front Ventilation
– fabricated in three colors: navy (blue) and lime (light green)