The first monument are located pilgrims walk the Camino de Santiago on entering the village Castrojeriz are the ruins of General Hospital or St Anton San Antonio Abad.

San Anton was the king’s palace and Huerta Pedro I of Castile and later embraced by the order of the Anthony, which was disbanded at the end of the eighteenth century. The problem of the Confiscation of the nineteenth century devoted his ruin final.

This monastery was under the protection real, it is demonstrating the existence of the actual shields portico of the church and the keys to the vaults. Founded by Alfonso VII in 1146 but the leftovers from this impressive building of the XIV century.

The Camino de Santiago passes under the two arches of the portico century high XVI protecting the entrance to the church, ornamented with a cover of archivolts, fully furnished with sculptures in each of its segments. You can still distinguish the two cabinets that were carried out on the porch for food of the pilgrims arriving at odd hours.

In the church, which was three naves, was practiced cure of the “evil of fire or fire of St. Anthony,” a disease widespread in the Middle Ages, caused by eating cereal ergot fungus developed in the Rye.