Although Molinaseca is another church (the Sanctuary Angustias), this is the church used for worship and religious celebrations, and on its back is the Cemetery Molinasca. It is located on a hill, right on top of the Roman bridge, which is accessed by a narrow staircase or through the steep road that surrounds it. It ‘a neoclassical temple-plan of a basilica, which stands out in its high bell tower, decorated with a clock centenary and the image of the bishop St. Nicholas da Bari in a niche. It has three naves and was built in the seventeenth century. Inside there are several Baroque altars, among which stands out the more gothic and an image of a crucified Christ and a Renaissance tabernacle in the aisles.

In addition to the famous sausages, Molinaseca is also famous for the Camino de Santiago and in particular for the first sanctuary, which is located along the route, opposite the Church of St. Nicholas of Bari and the other side of the Roman bridge. This is a rather large, baroque and season with the bell tower that stands in front of the main entrance and in which both sides are arcades with arches. The current sanctuary dates back to 1705 as it was rebuilt after a fire, but there was already the eleventh century. Both inside and outside is the image of the Pietà and to visit, you must chidere Tourist Office which is located in the municipality. In honor of the Virgin of distress, we also celebrate the local festivals on 15 and 16 August, with the nickname “water fight”.