The Camino will give you the best plan! With overplanning your Camino you can lose the real flavour of the way. Planning is possible but not necessary at all. The Camino takes on a life of its own and will foil your plans anyway, many wonders come to your way when there is no plan. Organize your way to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, and then just follow the signs along the road, and walk together with the mass of your camino-friends. You can easily walk the Camino without any plans, moreover without guidebooks, but a map of the stages can help a lot. There are albergues almost in every village, so you can sleep anywhere you want, you can make a rest day anytime, and it depends on you how long you want to walk each day. If you want to walk alone, a good guidebook can be very useful (tip: John Brierley’s Pilgrim’s Guide) because you can find all the information about the stages, albergues, distances in it. You can also walk with new friends and plan your next days together.