1. At the first sign or feeling of a blister, stop and remove your boot and sock.
  2. If not a large blister apply a moleskin (Compeed or Salvequick blister care) which is an adhesive rubber skin. This will pad the blister and prevent you experiencing further discomfort!
  3. If large blister has formed, take a needle and sterilise it with alcohol or fire. Attach some thread through needle not actually making a knot in the thread.
  4. Pierce blister with the needle stringing thread through blister at 2 carefully selected points.
  5. Drain the blister until all fluid has been removed, then tie a knot in thread. This will soak up any excess of remaining fluid in blister.
  6. Apply disinfectant generously to all over the blister (betadine) as this will prevent nasty infections.
  7. Place a small dressing on the blister and finally cover it with surgical tape on to the skin. Be generous with the tape and stick it well and tight ensuring that the whole dressing is covered.
  8. Carefully put on your sock so as not to disturb the dressing and gently put on your hiking boot.

Your First Aid Pack should therefore include all the following items : Scissors, Surgical Tape, Betadine, Dressing Pads, Moleskin, Needle & Thread