Roman Bridge

Seated on a riverside, and to the shade of their choperas, it rests in sweet eddy of waters, the town of Hospital of Órbigo on whose magnificent Bridge, a gentleman leonés played for the XV century one of the last Medieval Tournaments.

For the coming generations their feats have been recorded on the same place where they happened, that is to say, on the Roman Bridge that seems to ride on the foamy and playful waters of the river Órbigo. For him they happened, and today they still continue passing countless national pilgrims and of outside of our frontiers, with the single illusion of being prostrated before the Apostle’s tomb, in Santiago of Compostela.

It is that on the way to pilgrimage, the one that passes skirting the facade of our beautiful parochial church of Saint John the Baptist, not without before to have greeted, to their skillful one, the reed-mace of the Church of the Bridge that you/they liken a there up and the other one here below, two sentries veiling this onlooker step of stones has more than enough channel of waters.