If you can get some very professional, light and small size equipment for the Camino, use a 30 (woman) or 40 (man) liter backpack. But if you have ordinary stuff, 40 l (woman) or 50 l (man) will fit you much better. Avoid buying an oversized backpack, because you won't resist packing it full...

Bear it in mind that the ideal weight of your backpack is about 10% of your bodyweight.


+1 # RE: What is the best backpack size for the Camino de Santiago?Jan 2015-06-08 07:21
I used a 35 liter backpack on my first Camino, but am taking a 65 liter this time, because it is better for my back. I can distribute my gear up and down the 65-liter and cinch it close to my body, as opposed to having a smaller backpack that hangs out further from and pulls on my back. Caution: pack the same amount of gear, just distribute it differently. Don't overpack!
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